Remy natural hair extensions

We work with the best hair extensions

In our beauty salon we only work with the best natural hair extensions on the market. If you have short hair and you want to see yourself having either long or extra long hair, ask us!

Our extension services

Keratin extension (50cm)

Keratin extension (50cm)

(It includes Cutting extensions. Does not include Brushing and Xpress ritual.)
If you are looking to create a color effect, without having to resort to dyes, or you want to give your hair some volume, natural hair extensions are your best option.

10 units: 40€ (15 min)
20 units: 80€ (20 min)
30 units: 100€ (30 min)
40 units: 140€ (40 min)
50 units: 180€ (45 min)

Keratin extension (50cm)

Keratin extension (50cm)

(It includes Cutting extensiones + Brushing + Xpress ritual)
If you are looking to create a mane, a minimum of units is needed to achieve a great effect on the hair. The units to put to see a great mane depend on the amount and the measure of hair you have (the more quantity, the more units you will need, the shorter the hair, the more units). Ideally, your hair should not be less than the height of the shoulders. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice you!

60 units: 240€ (100 min)
80 units: 300€ (110 min)
Minimum to lengthen a medium length mane
100 units: 370€ (120 min)
120 units: 443€ (130 min)
140 units: 515€ (150 min)
160 units: 587€ (170 min)
180 units: 658€ (190 min)
200 units: 720€ (210 min)

Keratin extension (+ than 50cm)

Keratin Extensions XXL

Consult the salon about the possibility of achieving a measurement greater than 50cm. You can call the phone number at the bottom of the page and find out.



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Keratin hair extensions

Perfect for those who want to add volume to their mane or add several inches more of it. We have a wide variety of shades in stock, so you can just come today and get the hair you have always dreamt of!

In our salon we use keratine hair extensions which we consider to be the best ones because they are imperceptibles, you can put your hair up, let it free and wild, or play with it in any directions. Above all, a plus is that they will not damage your natural hair in any way.

One of the firsts things you must consider before getting hair extenions is which kind of hair you are going to have been getting aplied. We only use Remy natural hair extenions, because the quality is incredible and it respects the direction of the growth of your cuticles.
Why is the direction of the cuticles that important? Because it prevents hair from becoming entangled and it makes it always looking bright.

In a lot of places they use natural hair extensions which have been treated with silicones that give an extra shine to the hair, but that is going to disappear after a few washes. Remy hair is natural and free of silicones, so the shine you will have the first day is the same you will have after months!

Ask us for more information and get your always-wanted hair! If you book the appointment online you will get a 10% of disccount. Our profession is our passion so we love to answer any kind of questions you can have!


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