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Best massages in Barcelona

Massages are the perfect point where both, body and mind, can meet and be one. If we do not know how to relax, stress can really become a problem in our daily basis. In Le Petit Salon we offer you a selection of relaxing massages, so you can release stress and feel good both, in and out.

Our massage services

Stress relief 30 min

Stress relief

If you are looking to relieve stress, we advice you this decontracting massage. We focus on the back and neck to relieve muscle pain, stretch the joints and improve your flexibility.

35€ (30 min)

Oriental Ritual

Oriental Ritual

Happiness is what you will feel with this massage of back, craniofacial and hot stones. Thanks to aromatherapy you will reach a maximum level of relaxation, relieving stress and muscle aches.

46€ (60 min)

Pedicure spa + comfort legs

Pedicure spa + comfort legs

Powerful foot and leg massage that includes removal of hardness, cuticle removal, peeling, a moisturizer bath and mask. You will have perfect feet and you will be able to relax.

37€ (60 min)

Ritual Indoceane

Ritual Indoceane

This relaxation ritual, made of moisturizing and essential oils, is ideal to fight the stress caused by a routine, work or studies. Includes body peeling, Ayurveda massage and moisturizing wrap. Recover your energy!

72€ (90 min)


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Corporal treatments

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Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure Barcelona

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